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Business Development

Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law will be with you every step of the way while developing your new business. Business development entails many tasks and processes to not only develop, but to also implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. The activity of pursuing those strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization isn’t something you should attempt without the right help at your side.


Our firm can provide the communication and interpersonal skills, collaboration, negotiation, research and legal intelligence needed to help develop your business from the ground up, and into the opportunity of your dreams. Business development is a subset of the fields of business, commerce, organizational theory, and above all else, law. That’s where Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law comes in.

Business Nurturing & Protection

Our Founder, Richard E. Rogers, Esq., knows the time, money and effort that goes into a business as a small business owner himself. That is why, Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law promises to stand with you not only while developing your business, but also in making sure your business is progressing both legally and appropriately as it should be in its future. 

The most important part of the process at our firm? Protection of your business now, and especially after you're gone. Let our firm guide you in preparing your business and its future, while making sure that future is carried out completely by your hopes and aspirations. After all, you've worked long and hard to build and acquire the asset you have, today. Why not make sure it is also here tomorrow?

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