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Our Fees

At Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law, we understand that legal fees can impact your bottom line significantly, whether in your personal or professional lives.


That is why we endeavor to work on flat rates whenever possible to do so, and which allows us to introduce certainty to your business and legal planning budget.


Through this approach, we allow our clients to understand exactly what they will receive, and the amount they will pay from the onset.


In those instances when our flat rate billing applies, you will never have to worry about picking up the phone to speak with us out of fear of being billed for our time.


Initial Consultation

We understand that every client has a unique need or desire when it comes to the services we offer. That is why our Initial Consultations are always free to new clients. This in turn allows us to determine what course of action is proper in fulfilling those needs and desires, while offering you a clear picture of what that fulfillment cost from the first time you contact us.


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Arbitration, Mediation, & Conciliation
Business Planning
Real Property
Estate Planning

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