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03. Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law takes the complexity out of estate planning for its clients. We take a complicated process that everyone will experience at some point in life, and turn it into a well-informed plan, which can make all the difference for those, and what you leave behind.


You should always work with an attorney while taking on the task of estate planning. That’s where our firm comes in. Not only will we guide you through the creation of fundamental estate planning documents such as a will, health care proxy, and durable power of attorney; we’ll also help you make the decisions that are right for you and your situation.  


Our firm will help you to communicate your wishes clearly, avoid mistakes, minimize taxes, expenses, and adjust your plans as time goes by or when your circumstances change. Not only will our firm offer you significant savings in the process of planning, we’ll also help you attain the significant savings that can result from thorough, informed planning.

Reviwing & Updating Your Estate Plan

Once you have established your estate plan, Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law knows how important it is to make sure your estate plan stays sound by revisiting it at regular intervals during and after key life events.


One of the many tailored legal services we offer to you is review of your estate plan at a regular frequency. This can be done annually, semi-annually, or quarterly; for estate planning specifically, the general recommendation is at least every three to five years or when there is a new life event.


In addition to regular reviews, we are there for you and our firm thinks it’s a good idea to review and update your estate plan at life events such as at the birth or adoption of a new child or grandchild, when that child or grandchild becomes an adult and needs educational funding; or the death or change in circumstances of the guardian named in your will for minor children, changes in your number of dependents, such as the addition of caring for an adult, change in your or your spouse's financial or other goals, marriage or divorce, illness or disability of your spouse, change in your life or long-term care insurance coverage, the purchasing of a home or other large asset, borrowing a large amount of money or taking on liability for any other reason, a large increase or decrease in the value of your assets, such as investments; If you or your spouse receives a large inheritance or gift; changes in federal or state laws covering taxes and investments; If any family member passes away, becomes ill, or becomes disabled; Death or change in circumstance of your executor or trustee; Career changes, such as a new job, promotion, or if you start or close a business, among others.


Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law believes that reviewing your plan at regular intervals in addition to major life events will help ensure that your legacy, both financial and otherwise, is passed on in accordance with your wishes and that your beneficiaries receive their benefits as smoothly as possible, with as much peace of mind as possible for both of you.

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