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The Law Firm of Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A Welcome Message From Richard E. Rogers, Esq.,

At Richard E. Rogers Attorney at Law, we know what you consider to be the greatest assets in your life. That is why our mission is to help you safeguard both your financial and emotional future by implementing comprehensive business, real property, and estate planning for you and/or your family’s peace of mind. Whether you are interested in preserving your greatest assets against claims by others, or ensuring that you get the most out of your business planning and structure, we’ve got your back.

Admittedly, thinking about what may happen to your family or business after you are gone is never fun nor easy. However, the peace of mind you will achieve by engaging with this firm is priceless. Speaking as not only a devoted family man, but also a small business owner, I can assure you that both my family and I, sleep a lot better at night knowing our family will be looked after both emotionally and financially by the people we have chosen, and in a manner consistent with our vision for the future.

Richard E. Rogers understands that your business is an extension of your family and needs to be nurtured and protected in many of the same ways that you look out for your own family. We also understand that legal fees can impact your bottom line significantly. That is why we endeavor to work on flat rates whenever possible to do so, and which allows us to introduce certainty to your business and legal planning budget. Through this approach, we allow our clients to understand exactly what they will receive, and the amount they will pay from the onset. In those instances when our flat rate billing applies, you will never have to worry about picking up the phone to speak with us out of fear of being billed for our time.

We look forward to both welcoming and working with you on all your business, real property, and estate planning needs.

- Richard E. Rogers

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